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Company "Brandtape"

Company "Brandtape"

LLC “Brandtape” – the only one manufacturing enterprise creating packing adhesive tapes with print, protecting films, and specialized tapes in Ural. 
Company was found in 2005. It was created from clean sheet on concept of organizing the first production of prints, advertisements, and different information inflicted on packing adhesive tapes in Ural. In 2006 the first flexographic machine for surface printing on adhesive tapes was bought in Italy.

Gradually we were increasing our production range by enhancing the amount of raw materials, buying additional equipment for initial processing of raw materials, and preparing it for final product distribution.

Today, our production is located in the new manufacturing department. Equipment park is over 15 units of variable machines: 
- slitters for packing adhesive tapes and specialized slitters; 
- machines for rewinding and cutting specialized adhesive tapes and protecting films; 
- coating line for production of packing adhesive tapes with multi-layer printing; 
- flexographic machines for surface printing on adhesive tapes; 
- semi-automatic packing machine for individual rollers packaging 
and etc. 

About us
We use over 15 machines to make our products.
  • бобинорезки для упаковочных клейких лент и бобинорезки специализированные;
  • машины по перемотке и нарезке специальных клейких лент и защитных пленок;
  • покрывная линия для производства упаковочных клейких лент с межслойной печатью;
  • флексомашины для поверхностной печати на клейких лентах;
  • оборудование по упаковке продукции по одному ролику и в «столбик» в термопленку;
CEO says
We are the first and the largest manufacturer of adhesive tape and protective tape in Ural-Siberian region.
We guarantee:
Declared winding length for tapes
Free delivery over Yekaterinburg (or straight to the doors of any transportation company)
Maximum attention to every order
Flexible terms of payment
CEO / Sivovolova N. N. /
Our team
Sivovolova Natalia Nikolaevna
Yusupov Mihail
Shepelskih Dmitry
Yugay Olesya
Badin Iliya
Turnaev Aleksandr
Sergeev Oleg
Agalakova Olga
Brusnitsyn Evgeny
Mansurov Renat
Ivchenko Natalia
Director assistant
Kuznecova Natalia Yurievna
Chief Accountant
Sapozhnikova Maria
Kuznecova Kristina
Rubleva Elena
Office Manager
Garibyan Maria
Kalinovskij Igor
Garibyan Boris
Workshop assistant supervisor
Semenov Dmitry
Senior cutter
Puzin Nikolaj
Senior pressman
Chabina Yelizaveta
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Turnaev Aleksandr
Your personal manager
Call 8 (800) 500-32-06
8 (343) 351-70-01
or leave us your contacts and we will call you back.
4-7 days production time
The factory is situated in suburbs of Yekaterinburg and produce the orders within specified period of time.
Certified products
All products are certified. All features of products (including safety) are confirmed by laboratory tests.
Wholesale prices
We control our production, so we can provide prices lower than anyone can do.
Free delivery over Yekaterinburg
We deliver your order straight to your office / to the doors of any transportation company.
Free sketch
If you order adhesive logo tape, we provide a sketch for print absolutely for free.
Yekaterinburg, Decabristov str., 14, office 318

OOO «Brendlenta»
ITN 6659129776
IEC 668501001
Sberbank of Russia
Current account : 40702810716480107128
Corr. account : 30101810500000000674
BIC 046577674 
PSRN 1056603239010
OKPO 79109361