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Brand adhesive tape
Packing tape
Masking tape
Malar tape thermo
Малярная клейкая лента с логотипом
Double sided tape on polypropylene base
Double-sided tape on fabric base
Double-sided tape on a paper base
Double foamed adhesive tape
Aluminum adhesive tape
Aluminum reinforced adhesive tape
Technical fiber reinforced adhesive tape
Metalized adhesive tape
Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tape
Protective film
Kraft tape paper packaging tape
Covering film with masking tape
Barrier tapes
Warning tape
Marking Tape
Тканевые клейкие ленты
Сверхсильные клейкие ленты
Хоккейные ленты
Brand adhesive tape
Packing tape
Masking tape
Double-sided tape
Aluminum adhesive tape
Technical fiber reinforced adhesive tape
Metalized adhesive tape
Marking Tape
Brand adhesive tape
Packing tape
Masking tape
Double-sided tape
Aluminum adhesive tape
Technical fiber reinforced adhesive tape
Metalized adhesive tape
Marking Tape

Branded adhesive tape is an excellent tool for marking products, protecting the packaging from unauthorized opening and increasing brand awareness.

Packing adhesive tape perfectly suited for bonding and gluing different surfaces. Indispensable for product packaging. It is widely used both in production and in everyday life.

Masking (krepp) tape is a universal tool for paint and varnish work. It protects the surface from the ingress of paint and allows you to create perfectly clear boundaries when painting.

Double-sided adhesive tape perfectly bonds different surfaces. It is an alternative to nails and glue and does not destroy the surface and firmly fixes the products.



Aluminum adhesive tape is an excellent material for thermal insulation, it reflects ultraviolet and heat. Does not lose its properties at very high temperatures (up to + 100С) and low (up to -30С) temperatures.

Technical fiber reinforced adhesive tape is perfect for plumbing work. It easily resists high and low temperatures, is distinguished by increased strength and durability.

Metallized adhesive tape has a base of polypropylene with aluminum spraying. It has high strength.Also it is used in various repair work and with thermal insulation.

Marking tape is used to mark and constrain dangerous areas in office, warehouse and production areas. Easy to apply and remove without any marks.

Company "Brandtape"

Brandtape, LLC company is the only production facility in Ural region, where packaging adhesive tapes with printing and different special tapes are produced.

The company is a member of the Ural Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Brandtape company was established in year 2005 It is a small manufacturing facility.

The main products are packaging adhesive tapes with logo printing and other special adhesive tapes for packaging, finishing repairs for domestic and industrial needs.

We are growing and developing in small Ural town Rezh. Over the last 14 years we have made the full way of import substitution in sphere of packaging adhesive tapes with printed logo production. We have built two manufacturing workshops with total area 2000 sq. m., purchased and installed around 25 units of various equipment. The total number of employees is about 40 people.

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We are the first and the largest manufacturer of adhesive tape and protective tape in Ural-Siberian region.
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