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"Brandlenta" expands the production of branded adhesive tape - an interview with the business magazine National Business

The business magazine National Business interviewed the leaders of "Brandlet" -  Valery Rybin and Natalia Sivovolova, in which they spoke about the history of the company: from the sale of souvenirs to a large company included in TOP 100 best projects under the patronage of the President of the CCI RF.

Interviews with Brendlenta executives

The BrandTape Company launched the second line for the production of adhesive tapes with a logo. In 2020-2021, four machines for printing, cutting and applying glue to the film, auxiliary equipment were purchased, and work was carried out to gasify the industrial site. The total investment amounted to more than 45 million rubles. The project was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development, which helped to obtain a soft loan.

The market for packaging adhesive tapes with a logo is growing steadily: "Brandlenta" annually increases their output by 15-20%, but still does not keep up with demand. Director of the company Natalia Sivovolova says that customers are ready to order up to 1 million videos a month, which is still unbearable for small businesses. Larger Russian manufacturers are also unable to cope with the growing demand, which is why the lead times for orders are increasing.

BrandTape Company photo

The shortage of plain and branded tapes provoked covid: with the introduction of restrictions, online commerce began to grow rapidly, which, in turn, gave a second wind to logistics. When packing and delivering a wide variety of goods, branded tape has proven to be indispensable: it securely seals the box, prevents opening, and creates advertising for the manufacturer of the goods.

It is not surprising that in the product structure of "Brandlenta" branded adhesive tape accounts for about 50%, although the company also produces other popular products: painting, metallized, aluminum and other types of technical adhesive tapes. The leadership of adhesive tape with a logo in the structure of production is due to the fact that these are completely Russian products: "Brandlenta"; mastered its production as part of import substitution. Establishing the production of technical adhesive tapes from domestic components is much more difficult, because they simply do not exist.

BrandTape Company photo

Natalia Sivovolova says that Russia does not produce special chemical components and even the paper needed to produce masking tape, the demand for which is simply huge. Masking adhesive tape is supplied to us by China, which produces paper from our forest. It is unprofitable to buy paper from him and take it to Russia. Even companies with billions of dollars in turnover cannot afford this.

Therefore, "BrandTape" made her choice in favor of adhesive tapes with a logo. “We set ourselves the goal – make your own tape, and we brought this process to the end. Today we buy paint and chemical components in Russia, put a logo and glue on the film, cut the rolls into small rollers. We see the prospects of the market, so we buy new equipment. With the release of the second line at full capacity, the production of branded adhesive tape will increase one and a half times and amount to about 15 million square meters per year, – said the director of the company.

A source link: https://nbnews.ru/event/brendlenta-rasshiryaet-proizvodstvo-firmennogo-skotcha/

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