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Алюминиевый скотч

Aluminum adhesive tape
Separator of silicone paper
High-quality aluminum base
High tack
Smooth and tight winding
Bushing 76 mm diameter and 3 mm thick
It reflects heat and protects against corrosion
Increased resistance to extreme temperatures

High-quality HVAC / R insulating tape. HVAC system (an acronym from the English: Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning, R - not flammable.


Single-sided adhesive tape consists of aluminum foil, high-quality synthetic rubber, and white silicone paper used as separator.

Features and Applications:

It has excellent heat, steam and light-reflecting properties. Used for joints of vent pipes, installation of air conditioning, vapor barrier, protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, used in the manufacture of household appliances, baths and so on. 

Technical parameters:




Thickness of the base

50 microns

30 microns

Thickness without separator

80 microns

50 microns

Adhesion to a steel plate  (ASTM D3330)

3300 ± 200 g/50mm

4300 ± 200 g/50mm

Tensile strength (ASTM D3759)

18 ± 1 kg/50mm

12,3 ± 0,2 kg/50mm

Elongation at break (ASTM D3759)

8 ± 3 %

9 ± 1 %

temperature of operation

-30 ~ +120 °C

-20 ~ +80 °C

glue type

 (Solvent Acrylic)

Synthetic rubber  (Hotmelt)

Terms and conditions of storage: 12 months at a temperature of 21 ° C and 50% relative humidity, without direct sunlight.

Before using industrial adhesive tape test should be performed to assess whether it is suitable for a specific area and specific conditions. It should be used on a clean and dry surface. The most suitable temperature for application to the surface: +10 ~ +40 °.

Толщина основы50 микрон
Общая толщина без разделителя80 микрон
Адгезия к стальной пластине (ASTM D3330)3300 ± 200 г/50мм
Прочность при разрыве (ASTM D3759)18 ± 1 кг/50мм
Относительное удлинение при разрыве (ASTM D3759)8 ± 3%
Температура эксплуатации-30 ~ +120 C
Тип клеяАкриловый сольвент (Solvent Acrylic)
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