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Adhesive tape with logo (surface printing)

Calculate the cost of branded adhesive tape
Select printing method
  • Surface Printing
    Suitable for a small print run (from 3 to 30 boxes) in a short time.
  • Interlayer Printing
    Suitable for those who need high-quality printing at high volumes. The logo is reliably protected against abrasion, and when ordering from 30 boxes comes out cheaper than the surface one.
  • Full Color Printing
    It is possible only when ordering large quantities of 200,000 rubles.
Price from 75 RUR per item

Use of branded adhesive tape manufactured by surface printing is a simple and affordable way to individualize the packaging of products.

Areas of use

Adhesive tape with a logo is part of the corporate identity of any company and allows:

  • Make transportation corrugated packaging more stylish and visible to the buyer;
  • Especially highlight the packaging used in marketing campaigns (tapes with the inscription "Action!", "Happy New Year!", "Gift", etc.);
  • Protect the shipment from unauthorized access during transportation.

Production technology

The method of surface printing provides flexographic application of company logo or company logo directly on the outer surface of the packaging tape. As a basis, BOPP (biaxially oriented film of polypropylene), coated on one side with acrylic glue, was used. To increase the stability, a special protective varnish layer is applied to the image.

Advantages of a surface-guided adhesive tape from the company "Brandtape"

  • Wide assortment: when custom-made, you can choose the necessary width of the brandlend, the length of its winding and the step of printing the image;
  • Speed ​​and convenience: the minimum print run of the branded adhesive tape is 3 boxes, which allows you to get the finished products quickly and at minimal cost;
  • Optimal strength: the thickness of the finished tape is 45-50 μm;
  • Excellent adhesion: acrylic adhesive adheres well to the surface of the corrugated packaging, which eliminates its accidental peeling during transportation;
  • Stylish appearance: the branding of adhesive tape is carried out in exact accordance with the client's layout. Printing can be done in 1-3 colors;
  • The best value for money: the ability to order a branded adhesive tape directly from the manufacturer allows you to get an excellent product with consistently high quality at a democratic wholesale price.
Differences between surface and interlayer printing on adhesive tape with a logo
  Surface printing Interlayer printing
Minimal circulation from 3 boxes from 30 boxes
Protection against abrasion + +
Number of colors up to 3 up to 4
Cost benefit + ++
Production time 5-7 days 7-14 days
Your choice if:
You need a small batch
(up to 30 boxes) in compressed
Your choice if:
You need a big batch
(from 30 boxes) of adhesive tape
better quality
at the best possible price
Printing methodSurface
Color count1-3
Printing length (print step)150, 188, 251, 314, 400 mm
Band width24, 36, 48, 72, 144, 288 mm
Production time3-5 days
Winding length60-990 m
Thickness45-50 micron
Type of glueAcrylic
Best before12 month
Order calculator
Up to 3 colors, excluding base color
Tape width
Width is a multiple of 24mm
Number of rolls
Min 0 rolls,
0 rolls in box
Using 0 cliches
each costs from 900 Р
0 ₽ *
0 — tape price
0 — cliche price
* including VAT. Not a public offer. Price of cliches depends on printing step width. Contact us to find out exact prices.
4-7 days production time
The factory is situated in suburbs of Yekaterinburg and produce the orders within specified period of time.
Certified products
All products are certified. All features of products (including safety) are confirmed by laboratory tests.
Wholesale prices
We control our production, so we can provide prices lower than anyone can do.
Free delivery over Yekaterinburg
We deliver your order straight to your office / to the doors of any transportation company.
Free sketch
If you order adhesive logo tape, we provide a sketch for print absolutely for free.