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Masking tape

Ease of use
The ideal surface protection
It leaves no residue after peeling
Smooth and tight winding
Bushing 76 mm diameter and 3 mm thick
High tensile strength
High frost
The adhesive layer retains a rubber-based tackiness even in winter Russian.

Masking tape (Krepp) - kind of technical tapes on a paper basis. Masking tape is a tape with faint corrugation made of special paper and coated with a rubber adhesive from the one side.

The main application of a masking tape is the surface protection during painting, plastering works, and varnishing indoors. Areas that are needed to be protected from paint are protected by masking tape taping over. Krepp is widely used due to the nature of its adhesive layer. The tape has low adhesion properties, leaves no traces after removing and can be used even at extreme temperatures. During car painting, the best results are achieved when a heat-resistant masking tape is used. Universal masking tape provides a good angle masking and a clear line of staining.

Features of masking tape:

  • reliable adhesion 
  • solvent resistance 
  • no traces after removing 
  • ease of application 
  • tear resistant

Range of usage:

  • Protection of almost any surface from contamination during the various works associated with painting, varnishing, and etc., including vehicles; 
  • Surface protection against scratches during repairs; 
  • Sealing up cracks of windows in the cold season; 
  • Minor repairs of various paper products such as books, notebooks, posters, and etc.

In addition to its direct appointments, masking tape can be used for temporary sealing of cracks or joints, packing light boxes and the convenience of their labeling, grouping of small parts, protection of edges, labeling, gluing of paper joint to joint, and etc.

Quite often, masking tape is used by furniture, glass, machine tool or paper mills.

We offer you the “Brandtape” masking tape. The distinctive features of our products are increased strength, moisture resistance, and compatibility with almost all types of paints. Thanks to a special paper base and a glue of top quality, masking tape is suitable for both internal and external painting works. Using it guarantees clear and straight region boundaries coloring. No traces of glue, no damage to the surface during the painting work, everything is done quickly and efficiently. 

Glue typenatural rubber
Glue colortransparent
Total length120±10 mcm
Winding lengthfrom 5 to 200 m
Adhesion to steel plate (ASTM D3330)800±50 g/50 mm
Breaking Strength (ASTM D3759)2 kg / 10 mm
Elongation at break (ASTM D3759)3 %
Operating temperaturefrom -30 to +60 ° С
Application temperaturefrom +10 to +40 ° C
Storage temperature21 °C
Shelf life12 months
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