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Разметка пола при помощи специальных разметочных лент

Marking Tape

The tape is designed for marking equipment, marking the floor, steps and refer to hazardous areas. Brightly colored segments are clearly visible from a distance. Made of polyethylene, water-resistant. High adhesive power.

This type of adhesive tape, thanks to its unique properties, also used in the construction and repair work, when there is a need to create a reliable protection against ingress of moisture, oils, dirt, electric circuit, to protect against electric shock. This is especially true when connecting the electrical equipment or electrical installation. Also, tape is often used for the installation and repair of pipelines, as well as waterproofing heat conductors.

After removal of the tape on the surface do not remain traces of glue.

Besides adhesive masking tape but PVC is widely used in everyday life.

  • Dimensions rolls 50mm x 33 m.
  • Colors: black and yellow and red and white

Deviations in size: thickness ± 10%; width: ± 2 mm; by winding length: ± 1 m.

Shelf life: 12 months at a temperature of 20-30 ° C and 50-70% relative humidity, without direct sunlight.

By using tapes best results are obtained when the surface is covered by a dry and clean, temperature at the time of gluing + 10 ~ 40 ° C.

Тип клеяНатуральный каучук
Общая толщина150±10 мкм
Относительное удлинение при разрыве (ASTM D3759)130±10%
Прочность при разрыве (ASTM D3759)более 6,5 кг/50мм
Адгезия к стальной пластине (ASTM D3330)более 500 г/50мм
Температура эксплуатации-30 ~ +70 0С
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