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Technical fiber reinforced adhesive tape

Ease of use
Enhanced durability of the tape
High tack
Smooth and tight winding
Bushing 76 mm diameter and 3 mm thick
Maximum protection against moisture and humidity
Increased resistance to extreme temperatures

Single-sided TPL adhesive tape for industrial and commercial work.

Universal single-sided adhesive tape made ​​of polypropylene, reinforced with firm fiberglass, opaque; White glue. Durable, water-resistant, cold-resistant. Increased resistance to aggressive environments, oils. Very sticky, can withstand higher breaking loads, not stretching. Could be easily torn off across by hands. 


  • Tape of wide application. Could be used to any including uneven surfaces. 
  • Industrial use: for plumbing, hermetic sealing, heating and ventilation, repair of burst pipes, pipe wrapping, strengthening of cracks and joints, eliminating leaks. 
  • In the home: for detail fixing, repair of household items, sports equipment, books repair, inflatable pools repair, garden tools repair, rubber hoses repair, fixing carpet, and etc. 
  • Suitable for packaging of heavy items and packaging in high humidity and low temperature environments. 

Also, it may be used: 

  • as an adhesive tape for control sealing boxes (thanks to a very high stickiness of the tape, as well as the fact that the uncovered box would be easy to detect). 
  • to increase the strength and safety of mirrors (by pasting tape on the reverse side of the mirror, which increases its strength, and, if the mirror is broken, fragments do not scatter). 
  • to lock car windows in the process of their replacement.

Technical parameters: 




Adhesion to a steel plate (ASTM D3330)

Tensile strength (ASTM D3759)

Elongation at break (ASTM D3759)

Glue type

temperature of operation

СТ 1604


2000 g/50mm

24 kg/50mm

15 %

Synthetic rubber  (Hotmelt)

-20 +80 °C

СТ 1805


2200 g/50mm

27 kg/50mm

12 %

 (Natural Rubber)

-20 +80 °C

СТ 2007


2200 g/50mm

30 kg/50mm

10 %

 (Natural Rubber)

-20 +80 °C


Base color: silver, black.

Possible sizes of the rolls on request: 
width 25, 50, 72mm., 
winding length from 10 to 100m. 


  • thickness ~ ± 10%;
  • width + -1 mm;
  • winding length: + - 1.0 m
  • Terms and conditions of storage: 12 months at a temperature of 20 ° C and 50% relative humidity, without direct sunlight.
Base colorsilver, black, red, white, transparent etc.
Total thicknessnot less than 150 microns
Winding lengthfrom 10 to 100 m
Operating temperature-20 +80 °C
Type of gluesynthetic rubber
Adhesion to steel plate (ASTM D3330)3200 ± 150 g / 50 mm
Breaking Strength (ASTM D3759)not less than 15 ± 1 kg / 50 mm
Elongation at break (ASTM D3759)15±5 %
Application temperature+10 ~ +40 °C
Storage temperature+21 °C
Shelf life12 months
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