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About company

About company

“Brandtape” company is producing packing adhesive tapes, specialized tapes, and protecting films. We are on the market of packing materials since 2005.

In the production process it is possible to apply logos on tape and protective film. Adhesive tape brand packaging provides the uniqueness of the product and its safety during transportation and storage.

We produce packing tape for industrial corrugated packaging, gluing paper, various films and other packaging operations.

"Brandtape" company delivers protective self-adhesive film, certified and tested in Russian conditions, from our own warehouse in Yekaterinburg.

Our company produces various kinds of technical adhesive tapes, which are widely used in industry and everyday life.

We are willing to provide feedback and recommendations from our customers. All products are certified.

Наши сертификаты
Наша команда
Sivovolova Natalia Nikolaevna
Yusupov Mihail
Shepelskih Dmitry
Yugay Olesya
Badin Iliya
Turnaev Aleksandr
Sergeev Oleg
Mansurov Renat
Ivchenko Natalia
Director assistant
Kuznecova Natalia Yurievna
Chief Accountant
Sapozhnikova Maria
Kuznecova Kristina
Rubleva Elena
Office Manager
Garibyan Maria
Kalinovskij Igor
Garibyan Boris
Workshop assistant supervisor
Semenov Dmitry
Senior cutter
Puzin Nikolaj
Senior pressman
Корпоративная жизнь
4-7 days production time
The factory is situated in suburbs of Yekaterinburg and produce the orders within specified period of time.
Certified products
All products are certified. All features of products (including safety) are confirmed by laboratory tests.
Wholesale prices
We control our production, so we can provide prices lower than anyone can do.
Free delivery over Yekaterinburg
We deliver your order straight to your office / to the doors of any transportation company.
Free sketch
If you order adhesive logo tape, we provide a sketch for print absolutely for free.