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How to remove adhesive tape from glass

Traces of masking tape on glassMasking adhesive tape — one of the best ways to protect yourself from drafts from the window during the cold season. The only disadvantage of such a solution — the need to spend a lot of time for the glass to become transparent again. And it’s quite sad if traces of the tape on the glass remained after transportation — such adhesive tape is usually even more difficult to rub off than paper.

Washing the glass from the tape, it is almost impossible to spoil its surface. This material is hard, tough and not afraid of chemicals. However, in reality, the more carefully the cleaner acts, the easier it is to get rid of the adhesive residue on the glass.

Another nice point: a couple of effective cleaners are probably already in your home. It remains only to figure out how to use them as efficiently as possible.

What should not be used/h2>

Even a material as durable as glass can be damaged when using the following cleaners:

  • metal brush;
  • abrasive scouring powders;
  • too aggressive acidic and alkaline substances.

We immediately warn you: if traces of adhesive tape remain on the frosted glass, it is better not to use gasoline and alcohol cleaners to clean it. It is best to use chalk, ammonia or special detergents for washing.

But there are much more options for cleaning ordinary transparent glass.

Glass cleaner

Removing tape marks from glass

Even the simplest and cheapest glass cleaner usually does a good job of removing fresh duct tape residue. But to deal with old traces of glue that have already dried up and become covered with a layer of adhering dust, it is better to take a detergent with alcohol.

In order for the solution to take effect, do not start trying to wipe off the contaminant immediately — spray the cleaner on the remaining adhesive tape and wait at least 5 minutes. If even after that part of the tape remains on the surface, apply glass cleaner again and leave it for longer.

When even this did not help to achieve absolute purity, proceed to the following methods.


Alcohol or liquids containing alcohol can be used instead of glass cleaner. For example — nail polish remover. The method of application is the same as when washing windows with a special detergent: apply to a dirty surface (for example, using a cotton swab), wait and rinse (using the same cotton pad).

After washing, you can use soft paper to remove stains from the surface of a window, mirror or glass furniture.

Vegetable oil

Another cleaner that you probably already have in your home. As a last resort, sunflower or olive oil can be found at any grocery store. We recommend using not a rag, but cotton pads.

When washing off the adhesive with oil, you also need to wait a bit before starting to rub the dirty areas. As a rule, when cleaning the glass, an hour is enough. At this time, you need to periodically wipe with clean cotton pads and apply a new layer of cleaner.

After washing the glass, the smell of oil will remain in the room for some time. For this reason, essential oils are sometimes used instead of sunflower — tea tree, mint, citrus.

Gasoline and cleaners based on it

Refined lighter gasoline, mineral spirits, or WD-40 are best. The main advantage of these funds — when applying them, there is practically no need to wait before wiping the glass, the main drawback — strong smell that can cause dizziness.

We recommend that you open at least the window before you start cleaning the glass. After cleaning, rinse the solvent thoroughly with — so that not a drop of third-party substances remains on the glass surface. The window, mirror or furniture can then be polished with a soft cloth or glass cleaner cloth.

Dedicated sticker remover

Such solutions are sold in many hardware stores. They combine all the advantages of the previous methods:

  • Effectively wipe off traces of the tape;
  • deal with pollution quickly, without waiting too long;
  • the smell of the substance is weak, disappears quickly.

Only one minus — this is not a tool that is often used in everyday life, so you will most likely have to go to the store to get it.


The most common eraser — Another affordable way to deal with tape residue on glass. We recommend using a soft and elastic eraser, best of all — new.

Soda solution

Dilute some baking soda with water to make a thick solution. Take some of the resulting cleaner on a sponge and gently rub the stained area. After washing, polish the surface with soft paper.

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