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What can be done with duct tape?

The creative thought of our craftsmen and needlewomen does not sleep. No matter what materials they use for their crafts. And the ribbon — not an exception. Especially now, when manufacturers offer a huge selection of different types of duct tape: from the simplest transparent stationery to ornate designer tape.Designer DIY Tape

Decorative ribbon — this is a unique material for needlework, the potential of which is simply inexhaustible. Colorful and flexible tape will transform any surface, even the most difficult. Tape crafts do not require their creators to spend a lot of money on the purchase of expensive tools and materials — adhesive tape plus fantasy allow you to decorate your life with unique products.

However, cardboard reels also came into play. Recently, everything has been made from ribbon: from small crafts that decorate home life, up to paintings and sculptures. Use transparent and colored tape, one-sided and two-sided, of different widths. Here are just a few examples of using ribbon to create objects that are sometimes useful, and sometimes just funny and decorating life and life.

Christmas decorations

Scotch Christmas toysScotch Christmas toysScotch Christmas decorations

Here are some simple decorations for the Christmas tree can be made from bobbins from ribbons of different diameters. You can paste over the bobbins with colored paper, foil, or use a decorative tape with a pattern.

Stationery and gadgets

Pens, pencils, notebooks, weekly journals can be made your own, unique and noticeable if you choose a ribbon that suits your taste and apply a little fiction and imagination.

Pencils decorated with tapeNotepad decorated with tape

Decorative tape will help you update your computer keyboard, make laptop and mobile phone cases.

Notebook decoration tapeScotch tape to decorate a tabletStick tape to decorate your phone

More application ideas

Creative people who love to decorate their home by creating unusual interior details can use the tape to decorate flower pots and vases, to decorate furniture, doors and walls, for example, in a nursery, to make artificial flowers, caskets and storage boxes small items.

 Room Markup with Tape  Interior tape

Here's a race track you can create in a boy's nursery using colored decorative tape.

Here, black ribbon was used for fun prints in a toddler's room.

In this case, not only single-sided tape is used, but also double-sided adhesive tape. By the way, the latter is often used when creating crafts from other materials instead of glue. And even masking tape is used by talented and inventive craftsmen for their crafts.

Here is a lampshade for a night light in the nursery can be made from two spools of masking tape.

A lampshade decorated with tapeA lampshade decorated with tape

Decorative adhesive tape on plain walls will replace traditional wallpaper, and you can create images yourself by choosing a tape of various colors and with a variety of patterns. You can also decorate doors, stairs, heating radiators. And the old switch, decorated with a bright square of ribbon, will not only be more noticeable, but also look prettier on the wall. And heating radiators look much more attractive if they are decorated with ribbon strips.

Switch decorated with tapeStool decorated with tape

The glasses case is constantly hidden among various things. Change it up with ribbon by choosing bright and eye-catching patterns. Now it will be easier to see.

Decorated Spectacle Case

And a lot of different ideas can be offered. You only need a little time, a lot of desire and a little creative thought, and the tape will be a great help in decorating your life.

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