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Designer adhesive tapes

Modern designers in their creative experiments have not ignored such material as self-adhesive tape.

Adhesive tape with some information printed on it has long been used in industry and in the municipal economy. Designers, with their developments, have presented modern man with original material, which can serve both for decorating gifts, and for reminding of something, and for decorating the interior. Here are just a few examples of designer adhesive tapes developed around the world.

Scotch - lace

Gift adhesive tape "Lace"

This designer adhesive tape was one of the first to appear on the market. The ribbon is patterned with lace. Isn't it a wonderful way to decorate and seal a gift box — safe and beautiful! There are many options for lace patterns, the packaging method is new and original. The gift will look unusual.

Adhesive tape «Diary»

Scotch - diaryUK designers have released under the brand name «Suck UK» original sticky tape. The set consists of two rolls of tape of different widths. On one of them the numbers of months are presented, on the other — days of the week. Together they form a diary where you can make notes every day. They produce such a ribbon-calendar in yellow and white, and the standard kit also includes a special marker for notes.

«Message Tape» — message feed

 «Message Tape» — message feed

 Messages on Message Tape

This is what the ribbon looks like

So messages are applied to her

Adhesive tape «Message Tape» another creation of the designers of the British company «Suck UK». A pattern is applied to the tape, consisting of lines, by painting over which you can get letters, numbers and even drawings. This is how you can create messages on the ribbon. It is very convenient if, for example, you need to pack luggage and warn the movers or the addressee that it should not be thrown, tilted or something else. Now this information can be conveyed not by an inscription on the box or a piece of paper glued to it, but directly on the packaging tape. Like the calendar ribbon, this type of ribbon comes with a special ribbon color marker to fill in unnecessary line fragments and create an inscription.

Adhesive tape «Facetape»

Adhesive tape FacetapeSwedish store «Our Children’s Gorilla» offered an adhesive tape with an interesting design. Fragments are applied to the transparent base, from which you can create various patterns — funny faces and many other images. The final result depends only on the imagination of the person who got this duct tape.

Adhesive tape «POP tape»

Tape POP tapeBranded «POP tape» a whole series of designer adhesive tape is produced. In this series, original in design, in particular, you should pay attention to the adhesive tape with a pattern of scissors and a line passing through their middle. A box sealed with such a tape not only looks attractive, but also carries information on which line it is recommended to open it.

Offers of Russian designers

Russian designers also offer their own design options for adhesive tape. Here are a few examples of the work of the design studio Artemy Lebedev, from which it is clear that our specialists follow the latest trends in design thought and offer their own original developments. Here are the sounds, and imitation of fabric, and even the notes and words of the Russian anthem.

Adhesive tape from Russian designers

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