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How to remove duct tape from furniture?

When washing furniture from traces of adhesive tape, it is important not to damage its surface. Therefore, it is better not to experiment, but to use a method that will definitely not spoil the appearance of the products.

Remove adhesive tape from lacquered, painted and polished wood

Tape marks on varnished surfaces

Hair dryer

Before you begin to vigorously rub the surface of a new cabinet or cabinet, heat the remaining tape with a hair dryer. Sometimes after that it is enough just to wipe off the adhesive layer with a damp cloth. In any case, heating will make all the methods listed below more effective.


The simplest and cheapest eraser from the stationery store will do a great job of removing glue residue on varnished, painted and decorative film-coated surfaces. To avoid scratching the surface, use a soft eraser that erases the pencil, not the pen.


Use a special rubber nozzle or nipple for tubeless tires — and the construction tool will rub the surface for you. We recommend working at low or medium speeds.

Another sticky tape

Stick a layer of new adhesive tape to the trace of the old one, not pressing hard against the surface of the furniture, then peel it off sharply. Repeat until the method has an effect. During the cleaning process, it may be necessary to change a piece of tape several times to a new — with an intact adhesive layer.

Label removers

Sold in spray or stick form. When buying, read the instructions and make sure that the product is suitable for cleaning your furniture.

Soap solution for adhesive tape

Soap solution

A little warm water and dish soap works well for most sticky residue. If the soap solution alone does not help, it will be useful in removing residue from the furniture surface of the stronger cleaners listed below.

Vegetable oil

Pour a little vegetable oil on the tape mark or soak a sponge in it and place it on top. Leave for 2-3 hours, then wipe with a cloth dampened with soapy water and a dry cloth. You can use both sunflower or olive, and essential oils (mint, citrus, tea tree are suitable).

Important: Avoid applying oil to untreated wood! Fat is quickly absorbed and leaves marks that are almost impossible to get rid of.

White Spirit

This gasoline thinner is suitable for cleaning almost any surface, including raw wood and painted products. Main — work quickly so that the substance does not ruin the polish or paint layer.

You can also use refined gasoline (for lighters) and kerosene.

Alcohol and alcoholic substances

Rubbing alcohol, acetone and nail polish remover — also quite effective cleaners for furniture. However, we recommend using them with caution: some types of varnish, paint, and plastic can deteriorate when in contact with alcohol.

We wash the tape from other surfaces

Some of the products listed above are also suitable for cleaning more delicate materials. So, how to clean products that require careful care:

And of course, in all these cases, you can start cleaning by using another piece of tape (the method is described above).

  1. Untreated wood:

    • alcohol and acetone;
    • white spirit and refined gasoline (use with caution);
    • special means for removing labels (when buying, read the composition and make sure that the substance does not damage wooden surfaces).
  2. Textile (upholstered furniture):Removing tape from sofa

    • acetone or alcohol;
    • gasoline or white spirit.
  3. Leather:

    • soapy water with a few drops of ammonia.

    Important: after cleaning, it is recommended to use a special impregnation to protect leather products.

  4. Plastic:

    • all cleaners suitable for lacquered and painted wood.
  5. Glass:

    • soft paper;
    • soap solution;
    • acetone or alcohol;
    • gasoline or white spirit;
    • label removal tools.
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