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How to remove adhesive tape

Adhesive tapes firmly in our life and it happens that we are sometimes not happy. Probably everyone remembers at least one case when it was necessary to remove traces of adhesive tape from any surface.

Ideally, selecting the right type of adhesive tape and correct operation problems with traces from the adhesive layer should not be. But often the rules and ignore recommendations and the reasons for this can be very different.

So how do you remove traces of adhesive tape?

If you are dealing with ordinary packing tape (stationery), you can use one of the following ways:

  • Lubricate a cotton ball with vegetable oil and carefully wipe the surface. Such a delicate way you can try to remove glue residues from the surface of varnished furniture or plastic. Oil residue are easily washed off with soap and water.
  • "Dry" method using a conventional eraser. This method will require you time, but perfect for naughty coatings.
  • Alcohol and acetone will help to remove traces of tape from the fabric, however, you need to approach the cleaning process very carefully and first try on an inconspicuous site.
  • Petrol and white spirit, turpentine will do the stains from the tape on the glass and surfaces of the car, but be prepared for a sharp toxic smell.

If you are "lucky" to deal with double sided sticky tape, then do not despair, and in this case there are ways to remove glue residue:

  • For surfaces that are not afraid of increasing temperature, like hair dryers. Heat the double-sided tape or remnants of it and try to remove his cloths.
  • Vegetable oil is also appropriate for double-sided tape. Moisten with oil the tape and let it soak for a few hours. Then remove the sponge tape.
  • Special tools and solvents you will find in any hardware store, but it's a pretty aggressive formulations that are not suitable to all surfaces.

Remove the adhesive tape without leaving a trace you select the correct way. And to not have to think about that, we still recommend you follow manufacturer's recommendations regarding the mode of operation of adhesive tapes. But how to choose and use the adhesive tape, you can consult with us.

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