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The main types of adhesive tape

A thin adhesive tape, originally used for packaging, is now widely used in various fields of human activity and for gluing objects, and for creating a decorative or protective coating.

Currently, several dozen varieties of tape are produced. Such a rich assortment is due precisely to the variety of areas of application of adhesive tape in production, in construction and repair work, and in everyday life. Each application requires specific characteristics: thickness, width, backing and adhesive coating.

Main types of adhesive tape:

  • stationery;
  • packaging;
  • technical;
  • painting room;
  • special views.

Stationery adhesive tape

Stationery tapeThe thinnest adhesive tape with a thickness of up to 40 microns — stationery. Such a tape, usually transparent, is used for gluing cardboard and paper, packing small packages, gifts, attaching posters and announcements on the walls. Thin strips of such a tape are hardly noticeable. Such a tape, inexpensive and convenient, is widely used in everyday life.

Packing tape

This view is somewhat wider (40 & ndash; 75 mm) has a greater thickness (40 & ndash; 50 microns). This tape is used for sealing boxes with various loads. The width and thickness of the tape is selected depending on the size and weight of the box, the box is heavier — wider and thicker adhesive tape. The packing tape has good adhesion and can withstand a lot of weight.Packing tape

The choice of packaging adhesive tape depends not only on the size and weight of the cargo, but also on the conditions of its storage. When packing and storing goods in unheated rooms or outdoors in winter, frost-resistant tape is used. The adhesive base of such a tape — natural rubber (solvent tape). It can be used when packing containers in the temperature range from –25°C to +50°C. Based on acrylic adhesive, it can only be used at temperatures above zero. At low temperatures, polypropylene-based packing tape is also suitable.

Technical adhesive tape

Technical adhesive tapeThe technical tape used in industry is characterized by high wear resistance, strength, and in many cases moisture resistance. There is a technical adhesive tape that is resistant to chemically aggressive environments, as well as capable of withstanding high pressure. Such material has excellent adhesion and is used for gluing pipes. Technical types include metallized and reinforced tape.

Masking tape

Masking tape

Masking tape is used in construction and repair work. This is an inexpensive self-adhesive tape on a corrugated paper base coated with a layer of rubber adhesive. When performing painting work, the tape, preventing the runoff of paint, varnish or enamel, protects the surface from smudges.

Special adhesive tape

Double-sided tapeThis category includes double-sided tape that has both sides covered with a layer of adhesive. Such a self-adhesive tape is used for gluing two surfaces together. Often it is used instead of nails or screws — fast, simple and completely reliable!

There is a medical sterile tape, which is used when performing surgical operations. Soft tissues are connected to it, bone fragments are fixed in case of fractures, and blood vessels are blocked.

Thus, we can say that the tape — a useful invention for many kinds of work.

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