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Алюминиевая армированная клейкая лента
Fiberglass reinforced adhesive tape
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Home / News / "Brendlenta" at the exhibition "INNOPROM" 2014

"Brendlenta" at the exhibition "INNOPROM" 2014

"Brendlenta" at the exhibition "INNOPROM" 2014

Ltd. "Brendlenta" once again took part in the International Industrial Exhibition "INNOPROM", which was held in Yekaterinburg from 9 to 12 July 2014.

Though now and was not with us the hero INNOPROM 2013 - Skotchmena, stand with our products enjoyed well-deserved attention among visitors. Many of whom are already our customers. And someone acquainted with the quality and wide range of LLC "Brendlenta", joined their ranks.

We have worked on INNOPROM, as always, fruitful and positive!

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