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A new stand with feedback and thanks

Having diversified a bit of the subject of news, we'll tell you about new items in the design of our office premises: more recently, the idea of ​​placing a special stand, where you will post reviews, letters of appreciation and diplomas.

Without hesitation, decided to order and hang this wonderful board. It is very interesting to observe every day how the company developed, what we achieved in many years, how much we invested in each client, what feedback or awards we received.

We want to thank everyone who found the time and responded, expressed his assessment in the written response. We appreciate your opinion and try to maintain the quality of the services provided!

Dear customers! We are always happy to receive your feedback on the company's work, even if you are dissatisfied with something. In order to write your opinion about us, send a letter with the name "Feedback to the Head of Sales" to e-mail site@brandtape.ru. You will receive an answer soon.

4-7 days production time
The factory is situated in suburbs of Yekaterinburg and produce the orders within specified period of time.
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All products are certified. All features of products (including safety) are confirmed by laboratory tests.
Wholesale prices
We control our production, so we can provide prices lower than anyone can do.
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We deliver your order straight to your office / to the doors of any transportation company.
Free sketch
If you order adhesive logo tape, we provide a sketch for print absolutely for free.