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Защитная пленка для ПВХ-листов

Protective film for PVC sheet

PVC sheet is a modern material that is in demand in the fields of construction and repair and finishing works, in production. PVC sheets and many other materials, it is recommended to protect from dirt, moisture and small mechanical damages during storage, transportation and installation. Pristine appearance of PVC sheet will help to keep a special protective film.

For protection of PVC sheets, as a rule, apply the tape with a low degree of adhesiveness. The thickness of the plastic bases varies from 30 to 60 microns, the adhesion - 50-150g/50mm. The canvas color can be transparent, white, blue. Also available in black and white protective film, UV-resistant.

In addition to PVC sheets with protective film characteristics suitable for other smooth surfaces: metal sheets and profiles, glass, automotive spare parts from metal and plastic, the plastic surface of home appliances, metal roof, sandwich panels, composite panels. For smooth glossy surfaces medium adhesion below will ensure optimal adhesion of the film and the surface. For products from matte PVC sheets (for example, window sills) need more adhesive protective film.

Here you can choose the best option of protective film for PVC sheets at competitive prices in Yekaterinburg. A qualified specialist will take into account all the nuances of your specific case and choose the perfect protective film. For consultation please call +7 (343) 351-70-01.

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