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branded adhesive tape Branded adhesive tape or film is a packaging material on which information about the company is applied - a logo, contact information and advertising information. Such original tapes help to distinguish the company's products from competitors, and also protect them from all unwanted influences (dust, moisture, mechanical damage) during transportation. Branded packaging tapes and films are ordered by companies that care about the prestige in the market and the safety of their products or supplied goods.

This type of adhesive packaging materials can be applied to the surface of supplied products, building materials or components, as well as to containers in which the products are transported to the consumer.

Benefits of using branded tape for packaging products

The use of adhesive tape with a company logo allows an entrepreneur to solve several important tasks for him:

  • The branded tape serves as an advertising medium and allows you to promote the brand of the company, creating an attractive image for it.
  • The ribbon with the company logo, its contact numbers, address and other similar information, increasing the level of information content of the packaging about the product, attract the attention of potential customers and play the role of passive advertising.
  • Packaging tape and film with a logo during transportation and storage of goods allows you to quickly find out where it is and protect it from substitution.
  • Packaging with the company logo protects the goods from unauthorized opening with the intention of forgery or theft.
  • Information about the conditions of storage and transportation of products, printed on the film with the logo, allows you to avoid unnecessary losses.

Branded adhesive tapes and films are in demand among the following categories of customers:

  • Manufacturers of building materials that can be damaged during transportation or installation - plastic and metal-plastic profiles, building panels, glass units, roofing elements, etc.;
  • Manufacturers of products and sellers of products supplied in protective packaging - furniture, mirrors, etc .;
  • Trade enterprises selling goods that are packed in special containers (plumbing, household appliances, etc.);
  • Trading networks during promotions - packaging with the help of a bright promotional tape with the words "Action" or "Gift" attracts the attention of buyers;
  • Online stores for which adhesive packaging materials serve, in addition to branding, as confirmation of the originality of the delivery.

Branded adhesive tape manufacturing technology

Branded adhesive tape is made of high-strength material on which the image is applied. There are two methods for making logo adhesive tape:

  • Applying the logo to the tape by surface flexographic printing. Information is applied to a ready-made tape, while on its surface a bright and clear high-quality image is obtained;
  • Another method is interlayer printing, when the necessary information is printed on the basis of a tape, and an adhesive layer is applied on top of it. This method allows you to obtain an image that is resistant to abrasion and retains its quality for a long time.

In both cases, a cliche is pre-made, which can be used many times in the future.

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