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For delicate surfaces

The main feature of the masking adhesive tape is its ability, while protecting the surface from the ingress of soil, paint, varnish or other material on it during finishing work, and can be easily removed without leaving any traces. With its help, clear contours of color are obtained while maintaining individual parts of the finished surface in their original state.

However, the scope of application of self-adhesive masking tapes is not limited to plastering and painting works. Very often crepe tape is used to protect delicate surfaces from various mechanical damages (scratches, chips, etc.). So a similar use of adhesive masking tape can be found when installing household appliances, when assembling various kinds of structures and when performing repair work. Durable masking tape based on crepe paper, capable of protecting any surface from accidental damage.

On the base of creped paper, you can apply any inscriptions using ordinary writing utensils. In this case, the tape becomes a data carrier and reduces the cost of temporary marking.

Features of using masking tape on delicate surfaces

If the surface to be treated is already painted or wallpapered, use an adhesive tape specially designed for delicate surfaces.

For such surfaces, where special handling is required, a tape with a thin paper backing, with a thin contour and reduced adhesion, is used. This allows the use of masking tape on wallpaper, freshly painted walls or varnished parts, decorative finishes and on wood surfaces.

This crepe tape is tear resistant and leaves no residue when removed within two weeks.

For a high-quality result, the tape must be applied to the prepared surface: dried, clean and grease-free. The air temperature should be positive, better — room.

Important! Remove the adhesive tape from the surface after the time indicated by the manufacturer on the package.

Masking tape for delicate surfaces

Adhesive masking tape on a thin paper base will not damage the structure of the coating, and at the same time it will perfectly cope with its tasks. The tape is easily removable and you will have no problem removing traces of glue.

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