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Adhesive tape for waterproofing, vapor barrierAdhesive tape for waterproofing, vapor barrier An important point in the construction of any building is the waterproofing of its various components - roofs, floors, bathrooms, etc. Its quality determines the operational characteristics of the house and its durability. Currently, when equipping waterproofing in buildings, along with traditional waterproofing materials, moisture-resistant self-adhesive tapes - reinforced technical (TPL) and aluminum - are often used to seal various joints, corners and joints.

Features of the structure of self-adhesive tapes for waterproofing and their advantages

The TPL mounting adhesive tape, made on a glass cloth base, coated on one side with rubber glue and laminated with a polyethylene melt, is characterized by excellent waterproofness, allowing you to obtain a sealed seam. Self-adhesive aluminum tape has similar properties. Both types of materials are characterized by:

  • strength, wear resistance, durability;
  • thermal and moisture resistance;
  • resistance to UV rays;
  • low stretch ratio;
  • resistance to significant temperature fluctuations, the action of aggressive substances and environmental factors;
  • high adhesive properties in relation to both smooth and uneven and rough surfaces.

Advantages of using adhesive tapes for waterproofing

All the listed properties of tapes for waterproofing provide the following advantages for their use:

  • Good adhesion of the adhesive layer allows you to reliably seal the joints of surfaces and parts;
  • Sufficiently high flexibility of the material ensures its tight fit to surfaces with different configurations;
  • Installation and repair of waterproofing using such a tape does not require high qualifications or special knowledge;
  • The material is environmentally friendly;
  • It can be used for external work (for example, on the roof), and for internal renovation of the building;
  • Has a long service life.

Application of adhesive tapes for waterproofing

As a waterproofing material, as an alternative to a sealant, self-adhesive tape with waterproofing properties can be used at various stages of construction and renovation:

  • for sealing the roof, in particular, various kinds of roof junctions - when installing the drainage system, chimney, joints of roof windows, etc.;
  • when sealing the foundation - with its small size, it is possible to completely seal with a tape;
  • for waterproofing floors;
  • when installing septic tanks from reinforced concrete rings;
  • for sealing various cracks, seams, cracks, etc.

Also, adhesive tape with waterproofing properties is convenient:

  • to protect against corrosion of metal parts and surfaces in regular contact with water;
  • to restore damaged pipes;
  • for the installation of air ducts;
  • for sealing joints, seams and joints in the production of plumbing works;
  • for the repair of greenhouses and greenhouses, for the elimination of leaks;
  • when packing goods that are afraid of the action of high humidity.

The belts are easy to use - they are evenly and tightly wound on the core.

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