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Modern floor coverings (linoleum, carpet, other materials) are distinguished by their high strength, durability, practicality and attractive design. And the use of adhesive tapes and protective films makes the use of floor coverings even more convenient and functional.

Types of adhesive tapes for flooring

Depending on the tasks at hand, when working with linoleum, carpet and other soft or hard floor coverings, the following types of adhesive tapes and protective materials are used:

  • Double-sided adhesive flooring tapes on a fabric, polypropylene or paper backing. They serve as an excellent alternative to nails, glue, buttons, metal or plastic plates and other traditional materials used for fixing floor coverings. Such tapes are distinguished by high adhesion, strength, reliability and ease of use. When choosing a specific type of adhesive material, the peculiarities of the structure of the floor covering and the degree of stress it experiences are taken into account. The tapes not only hold the coating joints together, but also protect them from premature abrasion.
  • Protective materials masking tape protective film for carpets. When performing repair and finishing work, they prevent contamination of the floor covering with varnishes, paints, and other building materials. In addition, the use of a protective film is justified during storage or transportation of floor coverings, as well as during the conservation of various objects.
  • Bright and visible warning adhesive tapes for floor marking. It is the ideal solution for routing shopping and entertainment venues and marking functional areas in administrative, office and industrial buildings.
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