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Painting the walls

Wall painting is one of the most important finishing works. When doing it, masking tape will be a good helper. It will protect against paint smudges, help to evenly mark the surface. Using masking tape, you can decorate the walls in different ways, creating simple stripes of the same or different widths in the horizontal or vertical direction on them, or more complex patterns.

What is masking tape for?

Masking tape, or crepp, is a very useful invention. It can be used for different purposes, but the main purpose of this paper-based tape is to paint various surfaces, in particular walls. Painting walls with masking tape

This adhesive tape serves:

  • to protect against the ingress of paint on various interior elements that cannot be removed from the room during the painting of the walls (window and door slopes, baseboards, switches, sockets, door fittings, etc.). She can also fix film or newspapers that protect large surfaces;
  • for dividing the surface into zones, if the wall is painted in several different colors, or simply for dividing the surfaces wall-ceiling, wall-floor;
  • to separate the painted surface of the wall, if it borders on the wallpaper;
  • for decorative painting of walls - with the help of masking tape, you can create various wall designs.

The masking tape is easy to use, it is moderately sticky, can be easily torn off by hand, simply removed - just pull on one edge.

Decorative painting of walls with masking tape

An interesting room decor can be obtained by using two or more colors to paint the walls. Various techniques allow you to visually expand the room, highlight or emphasize one of the walls due to patterns, contrast of shades and colors. And in such cases, you cannot do without masking tape. The sequence of applying a geometric pattern when painting walls with masking tape:Decorative painting of walls with masking tape

  • create a sketch of the pattern and decide on the colors;
  • on the prepared wall, apply the borders of the stripes with chalk;
  • glue the crepe on the joint of flowers, after wiping off the traces of chalk with a dry cloth;
  • for better adhesion of the tape to the wall surface, you can slide it over it with a plastic card;
  • Allow the surface to dry after painting.

Important! Apply and remove masking tape after painting only when the painted surface is completely dry.

If you want to decorate a plain wall with a small ornament or pattern, you can use masking tape as a stencil material. To do this, paint the part of the wall where you intend to apply the pattern in the desired color. After drying, cut out the design elements from the tape and stick them on the wall. Now paint the entire wall the desired color. When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape - your pattern is ready!Decorative patterns using masking tape

Some helpful tips:

  • do not stock up on masking tape for future use;
  • store the tape in rooms with the temperature and humidity provided by the instructions, otherwise it will lose the declared properties;
  • practice applying and removing masking tape before use;
  • remove the tape only after the paint has completely dried.

These simple rules will help you achieve the desired result.

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