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Setting ventilation

Sealing tape for air ducts Installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems requires the use of materials that provide high quality sealing for a long time, easy to use and affordable. Such material at the present time can be called self-adhesive tapes, specially designed and produced for such work. These are adhesive tapes:

  • Aluminum;
  • Metallized;
  • Reinforced TPL.

These materials are easy to use when installing and repairing ventilation and air conditioning systems in residential buildings and industrial buildings.

The use of aluminum adhesive tape in the installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems

Wear-resistant, vapor-tight, non-flammable and thermally resistant material is used for gluing joints and seams to seal them and prevent corrosion. The adhesive tape made of aluminum foil with a layer of moisture-resistant and heat-resistant glue applied to it provides reliable and high-quality thermal insulation and sealing in a wide temperature range. Such a tape is glued instantly, the strength of its connection with the surface is not only maintained for a long time, but also increases over time.

It is easy to work with the tape: it is easy to unwind, and the silicone paper interlayer makes it easy to work with the material. When using aluminum adhesive tape for ventilation and air conditioning, you should:

  • Thoroughly clean, degrease and dry the surface to which it will be glued.
  • Avoid contamination of the adhesive layer and do not touch it with your hands;
  • Use the tape only once.

Following these simple rules will ensure a long service life of the material.

Application of metallized self-adhesive tape for air ducts

The metallized tape has a polypropylene base, on which aluminum spraying is applied on one side, and on the other - a layer of acrylic glue. This adhesive provides the best adhesion, which allows it to be used on uneven surfaces. The temperature range of this tape is less wide than that of aluminum. The rest of its properties - tightness, moisture resistance, vapor resistance are not worse than that of aluminum, and in terms of strength it surpasses it.

A metallized tape is also applied to a cleaned and dry surface at an ambient temperature of +10 to + 40 ° C. This tape should not be used at low temperatures and high humidity.

Application of reinforced self-adhesive tape

TPL reinforced adhesive tape consists of a layer of rubber glue and a glass fabric backing, on which a layer of polypropylene is applied.

The tape easily withstands both low and high temperatures, is strong and durable. This tape can be used for various materials and surfaces, including uneven and rough ones. TPL tape is tensile and tear resistant and can be marked in a variety of ways.

Reinforced self-adhesive tape provides high-quality sealing of seams and water tightness, it is used in the repair of ventilation pipes and air ducts as a sealing tape

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